Helix Blown Glass Vase Line


The Helix Blown Glass Vase Line pairs layers of your chosen color option with a clear applied wrap [known in the glass world as a rigaree]. Due to the color layering process, the interior patterns of your Helix Vase will vary from the exterior patterns. Each spiraled vase is 5.5′ wide  x 9.5″ tall. Size, shape and color will vary from piece to piece as each custom glass piece is crafted by hand by our artists.


Shipping fees are included in your online price unless otherwise noted. If you require a rush order, please contact the gallery before purchase at 254.947.0339



Helix Blown Glass Vase dimensions and information [due to the handmade nature of our glass art, all measurements are approximate]:

5.5″ wide x 9.5″ tall

double helix clear applied wrap

Hand Blown Glass Care:

Glassware: Hand wash only in lukewarm water. No hot beverages. Do not microwave.

All other hand blown glass art pieces: clean carefully with a soft cloth and, you guessed it, Windex.

Production/Shipping Time:

Your order will be shipped once it is created, inspected and carefully packed. Shipping fees are included in your online price unless otherwise noted.

*We welcome the public to interact with our blown glass art during our Blow Your Own events throughout the year. Keep an eye on our events page for when you can help create your own blown glass piece.