Commissioning blown glass artist Gail Allard to design a custom piece specifically for your lifestyle is an unforgettable experience. Lighting is the cornerstone of that custom hand blown glass work. Investing in a blown glass lighting piece gives our clients the ability to set the mood and feel of any space. When any custom piece is commissioned, we ask for a few pieces of key information to start:

  • project budget [even if it’s simply a ballpark range]
  • desired feel for your space
  • images and dimensions [we’ll tell you which ones we need]
  • color palette

From there, we discuss your piece, to include any custom sketches if needed. 50% of your quoted estimate is required as a deposit to begin your piece.

Flare Pendants

Flare pendants have a gradual wave shape along the bottom allowing for light to be distributed softly over your space. This style fits well in spaces with a more traditional flavor. Please contact the gallery for pricing options.

Bullet Pendants

If you desire a modern look with a more focused beam of light, bullet pendants are the best fit for your space. Please contact the gallery for pricing options.

Dual Shade Pendants

Dual shade pendants allow for a more complex lighting design. Keep the colors straightforward or combine more color and movement to create a piece with more impact. Please contact the gallery for pricing options.


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