Concept to Completion

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A few weeks back we shared our progress on one of our full scale custom chandeliers. If you missed that first post, check it out HERE so that you can have a look at how concept design and initial production phases begins. During the final phase, our crew spent a full day in our client’s beautiful west Austin home installing the finished piece. After assembling and tearing down 15 feet of scaffolding, a lot of dirt, power tools, attic insulation, sweat, gatorade and windex, plus 10 hours of fairly intense teamwork and communication, we got to step back to observe the completed piece. It’s hard to explain what it feels like when hard work comes together to create a work of art that is perfectly crafted for a particular space. The best way we know how to describe it is showing you as much of the process as we can. There’s nothing like it. Take a look:

Prep work. Some serious scaffolding acrobatics went on with this one!

legere-final-install56 Metalwork detail.legere-final-install58

Wiring it uplegere-final-install71 legere-final-install72 legere-final-install73 legere-final-install75 This is the part where we were about 8 hours in and could finally breathe when we could see that everything was falling in to place. We were all starting to get excited. And we were tired. Art is exhausting some days, folks. But worth it. Always worth it.legere-final-install76 legere-final-install77

The finished piece: 15 hand blown glass pendants at staggered heights, Sea Blue, Desert Gold and Lava Red ribbons of color plus custom metalwork spanning approximately 8 feet by 4 feet came together to illuminate and define this master living area with warmth and color.legere-final-install79 legere-final-install81 legere-final-install83 legere-final-install85 legere-final-install86 legere-final-install90 legere-final-install92 legere-final-install98 legere-final-install103legere-final-install96

If you’re intrigued by the process, we’d love to hear from you. Use our contact form to shoot us a message or stop on by the shop.

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