Few things in this world have touched my soul the way glass has.


It’s the passion.


There’s an inexplicable feeling when I hear nothing but her whisper whenever we come together.”

For over 14 years, Gail has been mesmerized by the delicate and often unforgiving nature of glass. From the early days of his apprenticeship under Bob Rynearson at Rynoglass to continuing on his own at Salado Glassworks, Gail’s heart has forever been captured by the mystique and beauty of glassworking, be it fused or blown. His work comes from his own hands and each signature piece he creates has its own beautiful story to tell. From solid colors and traditional shapes to freeform vessels with extraordinary coloring and signature silver details, Gail’s work is some of the most sought after glass art in Texas, and beyond. From an old potters studio in historic Salado, Gail opened Salado Glassworks in 2011 and soon expanded into his current location of 5,000 square feet of gallery and working studio space. There he and his team design and produce some of the most unique pieces of custom hand blown glass art currently available.


  • Bob Rynearson
    Bob Rynearson Glass Artist

    Bob is considered the 8th Wonder of the Glassworks Universe. Bob started to learn the craft in 1997 at Texas Tech, and opened Ryno Glass in 1999. Gail wandered into Ryno Glass in Temple, TX in 2001 and Bob took him on as an apprentice until 2009.  He now teaches Jr. High Art in Waco, TX, instructs for the summer art programs for Texas Tech and blows glass on the weekends in the shop. There is much love and gratefulness for Bob and the Rynearson family. Without them, SGW would not have had the foundation it needed to take shape.

  • Aaron Gist
    Aaron Gist Glass Artist

    Aaron has been a with Glassworks since 2012, but his connection to what would be SGW began long before. He and Bob Rynearson knew each other from childhood as both the Gist and Rynearson families were  an active part of shaping the art culture in Bell County. He’s a sculptor of various mediums and now brings his artistic point of view to the glassblowing craft as well. Aaron has perfected the photobomb in the shop – double check your photos and you may see some of his handiwork.

  • Sara Whitis
    Sara Whitis Glass Artist

    Sara is the original SGW Gallery Girl. She has been an anchor to help Glassworks begin, expand and keep growing. Her connection to SGW started at Ryno Glass as well where she began learning the glassblowing craft – an art that always intrigued her. Not only can she blow glass and come up with a wicked pun on the spot, she is one of the most multi-talented artists we’ve come across. You can find her from time to time in the shop lampworking her signature beads or creating out on the floor with the team.

  • Michael Touchy
    Michael Touchy Glass Artist

    2015 brought Glassworks a Tooch. Michael [a.k.a. “Tooch”] majored in painting at Texas Tech and took on glassblowing during their summer art program in Junction, TX. Blown glass proved to be a much more intriguing art form in his mind. Bob happened to be Michael’s instructor and suggested to Gail that Michael may be a good fit as an apprentice. His proficiency in glass is growing quickly as is his own personal style when it comes to color and form. Nobody can create a fish, “bloblet” or bring a punty quite like Michael can, plus he has impeccable taste when it comes to Spotify.

  • Jessica Mall
    Jessica Mall Gallery/Marketing Director

    Not only did 2015 bring a Tooch, it also brought SGW a Jess. Jess moved to Salado, TX in 2012 and began to use her photojournalistic eye to create imaging for local brands, to include a few projects for SGW. Projects eventually morphed into being a full on part of the SGW crew. Ironically, while she can’t find her keys 97.5% off the time, she does keep all things running smoothly at the shop and assures that the art and the process of creating that art is showcased the way it deserves to be. She doesn’t blow glass yet, but watch out for when she does…

  • Otto Mated
    Otto Mated Glass Artist

    Otto wandered into a glass shop in Oregon 12 years ago, fell in love with the art and pushed a broom until they allowed him to begin to learn. Otto’s feet found him at Glassworks at the end of 2015. He was ready for a change of scenery and the shop needed an extra hand during the holiday season. His work ethic was so impressive that Gail made sure he had a job so he could move to the area at the start of 2016. Not only is his artistic expression expanding since working at SGW, Otto is one of our clients’ favorites to work with as well during BYO Events due to his laid back style of instruction.


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